Francis Qureshi
Reel, Index, Process, Information

Francis is a multifaceted colourist whom takes pride in elevating and finessing collaborator’s projects to the highest quality with a unique creative flair. He has graded and finished BAFTA nominated and award winning films, seen his projects go to SXSW, Locarno, TIFF film festivals and finished commercial projects seen by millions.

Drawing inspiration from the creative corners of his previous fine art and directing practices, along with advanced technical camera knowledge from working with Leica Camera, Francis’s colour grading process looks both into the past at historic motion picture film processes and into the future with the use of modern techniques, such as texture control, custom film emulation and HDR colour managed workflows.  

He has been researching film emulation for over 5 years and is a part of a research project finitely sampling the qualities and idiosyncrasies of motion picture print & negative film stocks.

With 2020 reshaping the way colour grading and post production is carried out, Francis is able to offer bespoke remote grades with high quality, low-latency live-streaming direct to key collaborator’s devices.